Monday | 6.18.2018
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AMA Develops New Book Out Of Boot Camp Seminars

For the first time, the American Management Association (AMA) has gathered the essential, must-have skills of management and leadership in one volume.

Edited by AMA International President and CEO Edward T. Reilly serves as a both a crash course and comprehensive checklist of the task and responsibilities involved in the daily practice of managing and leading staff to work together to achieve excellence and move organizations forward.

Readers learn how to:

  • Define their roles as managers to create a healthy and productive workplace.
  • Identify sources of employee motivation, how to delegate for growth and coach superior performance.
  • Ease the process of staff changing
  • Develop techniques for effectively managing projects
  • Think strategically and act tactically
  • Determine a reader’s best management style
  • Excel at managing and motivating a diversity of “difficult.” Employees.

The book, AMA Business Boot Camp is available everywhere.

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