Monday | 6.18.2018
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Collaborative Management Styles Generate Added Profits

Finding ways of implement this approach is often difficult but not impossible,

One small business leader, Filippo Galluppi President of Ultravolt in Ronkonkoma, NY, offers these suggestions on how to better manage employees by getting them to work with you rather than for you.

  • When managing people, show a positive attitude and be willing to help whenever possible.
  • Smile and show enthusiasm to your employees as their jobs can be dull and boring.  Employees appreciate it when their bosses bring joy, enthusiasm, and encouragement.
  • Learn to listen to your employees.  Sometimes people just need you to hear them even though you cannot provide a solution.
  • When it’s close to the end of the day, offer to stay and help someone if it could improve the chance of completing a task.  The offer to help is almost always appreciated even if the other person turns it down. It’s an emotional plus which after a while can produce good dividends.
  • Finally, be honest.  If people trust you, they will learn to like you even if they didn’t at first.  If people like you, they will be more inclined to cooperate when you ask them to do a specific task.

Galluppi is the author of The Missing Human Factor.

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